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School Uniform Requirements


POLOS: Solid Red, White, Light Blue, or Navy - Polo style (undershirts, long/short, worn must be uniform colors-red,white,blue). Shirts must be school uniform cotton blend. No zippers on shirts.  BLOUSES/OXFORDS: white blouses with red or navy trim is acceptable.  

UNIFORM T-SHIRT: School designated "uniform t-shirts" are allowed everyday of the week.  

SPIRIT T-SHIRTS:  Spirit shirts may be worn on Fridays and designated occasions such as Fitness Club shirts on club days, field trips, etc.



PANTS, SHORTS, CAPRI PANTS, SKIRTS, SKORTS:  Navy or Khaki.  Length of shorts and skirts MUST be longer than wearer’s fingertips by side.  Please no fabrics such as corduroy, knit, satin, or velour.  Cargo style, side or snap pockets, elastic banded legs and sagging style are not acceptable. SHORTS OR LEGGINGS (solid red, white, blue, khaki) MUST BE WORN UNDER JUMPERS/SKIRTS. (On designated jean day – no holes in jeans).

JUMPERS:  Navy, Khaki, or designated plaid (red or navy only) from Sports World or Shreveport Gymnastics.  SHORTS OR LEGGINGS MUST BE WORN UNDER JUMPERS / SKIRTS (solid red, white, blue, khaki).

SHOES:  We have PE EVERY DAY so tennis shoes are requested daily. Students who cannot tie their own shoes must wear some form of no tie shoes (velcro, etc.). No specification as to color but shoes must be flat (no heel) with closed toe and closed heel (tennis shoes are best). No heels of any kind allowed including wedges, slides, flip-flops, beach shoes, or Crocs.   

SOCKS/TIGHTS:  Must wear socks or tights everyday. SOLID COLOR ONLY- Red, White, Navy, or Khaki colors allowed.

BELTS:  Dark color.  A belt MUST be worn with all pants/shorts that have belt loops.

COATS/JACKETS/SWEATSHIRTS/HOODIES: Solid navy or red. Bellaire sweatshirts / hoodies (only school sold approved spirit shirts-not personally made) may be worn everyday over uniform top. Non-uniform jackets may be worn to school and at recess but must be removed when entering the building.

SWEATERS: Solid Red, White, or Navy sweaters may be worn in the classroom.  All others must be removed when entering the building.

ACCESSORIES/HAIR:  Jewelry should not be a distraction and dangling earrings are not permitted.  Hats are not permitted and hoodie must be removed from head after entering the building.

BACKPACK:  All students need a regular backpack - NO ROLLING BACKPACKS. No specifications on color/design.


KINDERGARTEN and FIRST GRADE STUDENTS must have an EXTRA SET OF CLOTHES in their backpack at all times (in labeled gallon ziploc bag).