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AR BookFinder

Use AR BookFinder to find a list of AR books on your child’s reading level.

1. Go to Bellaire Homepage
2. Click "Organizations/Events"
3. Click "Accelerated Reader"
4. Click "AR BookFinder" on the right
5. Select "Parent"
6. Click "Advanced Search"
7. In the middle of the page select “Interest Level"
8. Fill in the blanks for ATOS book level (ex: 2.1 – 3.1)
9. Hit Go
This should give you a list of all AR books in that reading level.
Happy Reading! 



Student username: bossier

Student password: books

Get hooked on a book

Students can choose to sit in the "Bellaire On The Bayou" shack.  It's the perfect place to read a book and relax for a few minutes while in the library.  Thank you students for behaving in the library and showing your Bomber Pride when inside.  Go Bomber Readers!

All students come to the library twice a week for 30 minutes.  If they bring their library book home, please remind them to bring it to school EVERYDAY.  Students are checking out easy fiction, non-fiction, chapter fiction and paperback books.

Students can take AR quizzes in their classrooms and in the library.  I encourage students to read their book carefully and UNDERSTAND the story before they take and AR quiz. Students do not have to take an AR quiz on every book they read. . 

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. -  Sir Richard Steele 




A good book is the best of friends. 
- English Proverb