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PRIDE kids: Prepared responsible individuals displaying excellence
Synergizing Turkey
Synergizing Turkey

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Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS)


Shoe your Bomber Pride  Prepared Responsible Individual Displaying ExcellencePRIDE is how we remember our school-wide expectations.

We are expected to show PRIDE in all parts of the school, and students are rewarded for showing PRIDE in many different ways.

Each morning students sing the PRIDE song to remember the qualities of good students and good citizens.

 Prepared- Students come prepared to learn

Responsible- Students are responsible for themselves and their actions

Individual- Students are encouraged to be themselves

Displaying- Leaders do what's right and show others

                                                                       Excellence- Students do their best, always!




How Do We Learn PRIDE?

Showing PRIDE Everywhere!

pilot in airplane

PILOTS Program

PILOTS stands for "Partners in Learning Options for Tremendous Success." It is a mentorship support program for students who struggle with any one part of PRIDE. For instance, a student who struggles with being "prepared" might have a mentor who helps them pack their bookbag in the afternoon. The goal is for students to master the task they struggle with, and then graduate successfully from the program. 

PRIDE flag displaying student and faculty pictures